What is #pmki?


What is it? What does it stand for? It’s hotter than the surface of Mercury. And it’s sweeping Twitter.

If you don’t know, then you don’t know. Hopefully you’ll find it someday. But if you do know, then you’re one of us.

It means “Pretty Much Killin’ It”

It’s a lifestyle. It’s a point-of-view. It’s that moment when you put your arms in the air because you are kicking the hell out of life and loving every second of it. It’s the best feeling of the day, week, year—it could be the best damn thing to ever happen to you.

Do you want to live the lifestyle? Do you want to celebrate this phenomenon and be the first kid on your block representin’?

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When you’re feeeeeeeling it—like you’re playing basketball and you can’t miss—that’s when you hashtag #pmki to share your euphoria with the world.

You see, #pmki can mean anything. That’s the beauty of it.

You finally got a job after 41 interviews in this economy? You’re #pmki

You just struck out the side for the Twins? You’re #pmki

You are eating the bludgeon of beef Ribeye at Manny’s and afterwards you’re going to get a Manhattan from Corky over at Nye’s? That’s some serious Minneapolis #pmki

That ridiculously hot Colombian woman is walking towards you at a club on South Beach? Actually, hashtag #pmki later.  Don’t screw that up by playing on your phone.

You just got Iced 6 times in 6 minutes and didn’t puke? You’re amazing. We want to hang out with you.  And #pmki together.

You hit your goal of losing 150 pounds? You dyed your hair fire-engine ginger as a surprise to your significant other? You caught the squirrel in your house with your bare hands? You got promoted at work and are buying a case of $8 champagne to celebrate?

Tell us your story. Why and how are you #pmki? Hashtag it…tell us via e-mail at prettymuchkillinit@gmail.com. It’s not reality TV—it’s reality life.


Twins Fan #pmki in Kansas City

#Pmki is pretty much killin’ it. If you haven’t seen the latest banter on Twitter, be sure to follow @pmkination in order to keep up with the madness. We also run contests, give away shirts and apparel, and ask for your ideas. It’s a fun way to contribute to a growing brand and we appreciate all of your support.

#pmki in Kansas City

A Twins fan representing in Kansas City!

Here’s a photo from last night’s Twins game in Kansas City. A #pmki supporter and die-hard Twins fan was proudly showing his #pmki colors at Kauffman Stadium. The best part is that the Twins ended up getting a 2-4, 2 RBI night from DH Justin Morneau en route to a 4-2 victory over the Royals. Nick Blackburn came back from a stint on the disabled list to get the win and Matt Capps picked up his 14th save. #pmki

Glen Perkins Pretty Much Kills It

Glen Perkins #pmkiGlen Perkins pretty much kills it.

User’s of the popular social media platform Twitter have probably seen #pmki tweeted at Minnesota Twins pitcher Glen Perkins.  We’re proud to announce that Glen is an avid supporter of #pmki.

Glen was named the 2011 Twins Pitcher of the year and continues to be the lynchpin of the bullpen.

When Glen strikes out an opposing batter, like he did against Angels slugger Albert Pujols, Twitter blows up with tweets directed at Glen saying #pmki.

Thanks to Glen, #pmki was trending in Minneapolis!  Becoming a trend on Twitter means a HUGE number of people were using the hash tag. It’s not a small feat.

Who will be the next athlete to pretty much kill it?